For Your Convenience

  • Free Admission – no tickets needed
  • Free Parking
  • Food & concessions available on-site from local Lions & Rotary Clubs
  • Spanish & ASL translations
  • Seating for over 9,000 and space to spread your blankets
  • Meet & mingle with the cast before the performance starts
  • Banks of restrooms on-site
  • Nearby Hill Cumorah Visitors Center

What To Expect At The Hill Cumorah Pageant

Volunteers Make It All Free!

This amazing theatrical production, The Hill Cumorah Pageant, is free to the public because everyone connected with producing the show is a volunteer. The cast of over 600 pay their own expenses to come from all over the U.S., Canada, and many other countries, volunteering their time and talents

. Broadway Can’t Top The Costumes!

Extensive historical research has been done by Rory Scanlon, Associate Dean of College of Fine Arts at Brigham Young University, whose task as Hill Cumorah Pageant costume designer is to make the over 1400 costumes as authentic as possible. All are handmade of natural fiber fabrics, leathers and furs by volunteers. There are over 300 wigs and 100 handmade beards, woven strand by strand. All are carefully stored in special temperature and humidity-controlled buildings. Spectacular!

Beautiful Words And Magnificent Music!

The script was written by Hugo and Nebula award-winning novelist Orson Scott Card. The story comes from the writings of two books, the Bible and the Book of Mormon. The musical score was crafted by renowned ASCAP award-winning composer Crawford Gates. The high-tech digital sound recording was made in the acoustically-famed Salt Lake City Tabernacle with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, a 100 voice children’s choir, and the Utah Symphony Orchestra.

Volcanoes, Earthquakes And Theatrical Illusions!

Sounds of volcanoes and explosions with special effects. A prophet is burned at the stake. A 5,000K carbon arc light “star” with FAA clearance, appears at the Nativity scene. Christ appears in the night sky, descends, and teaches the people!

Daylight Brightness On The Darkest Night!

State-of-the-art lighting on 30 and 50 foot towers illuminates the stages with more than 450 lighting instruments requiring more than 500,000 watts of power for each Pageant performance.

Pinpoint Sound And Sound-around!

The sound at the Hill Cumorah Pageant comes from 75 speakers in clusters on the hill and around the audience, plus giant, 13-foot speaker horns that were developed by Harvey Fletcher, the father of stereophonic sound. The clarity and dimension of the sound system, though unique, has been imitated by many indoor and outdoor music concerts.

Half A Football Field On 7 Levels!

The seven stages, designed by Hollywood’s Eric Fielding, rest on 106 concrete footings and are linked by a grid work of aluminum beams, plat-formed with open waffle grids and front-surfaced with a molded fiber skin. The front stage is rigged with a ship’s mast and sail using a counterbalance system. At the conclusion of each pageant season, all stages are disassembled and stored and the quiet, natural beauty of the Hill Cumorah is restored.

Acres Of Lawn For Pre-Pageant Picnics!

Bring your own food, or buy food and drink on the Hill Cumorah Pageant Huge production stage, plenty of room for guests!grounds. Bring blankets or lawn chairs for a pre-show picnic, or use some of the 9,000 free chairs furnished in the natural lawn amphitheater. Food service at the Hill Cumorah Pageant is provided by the cooperative efforts of local Rotary and Lions Organizations. All proceeds go to support local charities.

Ready in one week!

A team of five directors, two choreographers and a battle master, are led by Brent Hanson, Artistic Director and Associate Professor of Theater at Dixie College. Miraculously, they turn hundreds of amateurs into skilled theatrical performers and mood-makers within seven days.

The New Hill Cumorah Visitors Center!

The Beautiful New Hill Cumorah Visitors Center (just next door to the Hill Cumorah Pageant site), the Joseph Smith Farm with its Welcome Center, Sacred Grove, Log Home, 1820’s Frame Home, Cooper Shop and Threshing Barn, as well as the Peter Whitmer Log Home, Book of Mormon Historic Publication Site and the Martin Harris Farm are all open year round.


Through all this, the Spirit that’s at Pageant will touch your heart!